About Me

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Who is Robert Hash?

I am a traveler, a thinker, and a follower of Jesus. I enjoy laughing, spending time with my friends and family, and getting things done. I believe the entire purpose of life is to enjoy it & help others enjoy it too. Yes, things will be tough and that is okay because we will make it through together.

If I can help anyone unlock their talents, see how important they are, and how they make the world a better place, I've done my duty.

My Story

I was born and raised in Natchez, Mississippi. I moved to Tulsa in June 2011 and attended Bible school for two years, being involved with an internship for a young adult ministry. After that, I moved to Cacalote, Oaxaca, Mexico for 5 months and helped maintain a computer lab for an elementary to secondary school. I attended a Spanish school and learned so much about different culture. I moved back to Tulsa in February 2014 and began living my best life.

Connect with Me

I'd love to connect with anyone and everyone. Send me a message and let's chat––don't be shy!