by Rob Hash
8 months ago

Several years ago I took down roberthash.org. The “rational” I told myself was that I didn’t have time to do it, but let’s be real, we find time for what we love. I started second-guessing game who I was. I didn’t want to continue writing content trying to be someone I knew I would never become—as opposed to who I am.

In the past few years, I have been surrounded by amazing people and leaders who exemplify all the things I wished to have been. I would see them reading leadership books and dissecting situations with such clarity. They could communicate new ideas and inspire the masses.

Every time I was surrounded by my peers, I would be amazed and would think “wow, I wish I could do that”. In doing so, I neglected my own strength of connecting with someone on a personal level. I discredited my passion for the one-on-one because I thought I should stand on a stage and do what other leaders do.

Back in September, I voiced to a peer that I didn’t know how to balance my leadership role against who I am. I was nervous that I would lose my influence if I didn’t meet leadership expectation A thru Z. I had assumed that all people of influence belong on a platform. His response pushed me to value who I am because my influence stems from who I am.

This has been my struggle for a while and I have to say “it stops now”. My skills are mine. Their skills are theirs. I can grow where I need to grow, but I have to celebrate where I am in the process. I will never be the best, but that should not stop me from enjoying who I am. All in all, my flavor of influence will be different than someone else’s and that’s what makes me different.

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