by Rob Hash
8 months ago

I’ve had moments of intense jealousy—where I was emotionally crippled because I was comparing myself to a friend. So how do I deal with this? How do I get through these moments where my self-worth was crashing in on me. 

When we feel these emotions creeping in — pull yourself together, learn to celebrate others, and get to know yourself better.


I am the master of my emotions. I tell myself how to think. I choose my feelings and don’t let them dictate to my self-value.


Most of the moments of jealousy can be deflected if we choose to celebrate the skills, blessings, and life stories of others.


Sometimes, we need someone or something to show us the gifts we already possess. I used to hate personality tests because I thought they would put me in a box. When I was made to take the StrengthFinders 2.0, it showed me my top 5 themes that I naturally had the proclivity for. If I need help shaking some jealousy, I have to encourage myself by listing my own gifts. (See Below)

—more thoughts—

In dealing with comparison and jealousy, I have heard some people say, “you don’t know what they had to go through to get there” but that isn’t always the case either. I’ve seen someone receive a $10K check just because. You know what all I could do with $10k? 

What I noticed next was that I started collecting the flaws of that person, rather than pulling myself together, celebrating them, and then figuring out a little more about myself. Some people will be blessed and I could say “my day will come”, but what if it doesn’t? I have to be okay with that and be diligent with my own life’s challenges. 

So step up, pull yourself together, celebrate others, and make a list of what you have to offer.


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